Carmakers take aim at electrification targets

05 May 2021

Carmakers are taking aim at electrification targets. Some manufacturers have laid out ambitious plans, while others are making more gradual transitions. Autovista Group Daily Brief journalist Tom Geggus discusses these targets with editor Phil Curry and senior data journalist Neil King.

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Show notes

Stellantis targets 70% electrified-vehicle sales in Europe in 2030

Volvo to go all electric and online by 2030

Honda targets 100% BEV and hydrogen sales with improved carbon-neutrality

Renault aims to achieve European carbon neutrality in 2040

Can the automotive industry carve out a sustainable future?

Are EVs as green as they seem?

VW outlines large-scale energy production as part of carbon-neutrality plans

VW accelerates towards electric and digital future

Is it too early to go ′EV-only’?

Jaguar makes BEV and hydrogen changes on path to net zero