Sixt offers EVs for ride-hailing

28 October 2021

It is not just carmakers broadening their electromobility offerings. Mobility service providers are also digging into the market as sustainability increasingly cuts across all sectors of the automotive industry.

Munich-based Sixt, one of the largest mobility companies in the world, is now giving customers across Europe the option to pick a hybrid or battery-electric vehicle (BEV) when booking transfer or limousine services. The models are available in a number of cities in Germany, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Currently, only a few mainstream car-rental companies offer BEVs. This is likely to change in the near future as more mobility providers realise that electric cars are going mainstream.

Hertz grabbed the headlines this week, announcing it had ordered 100,000 electrically-chargeable vehicles (EVs) from Tesla for its rental fleets in Europe and the US. The company is now bound to have the largest EV rental fleet in North America, where it has also just partnered with Uber to make up to 50,000 Teslas available for drivers to rent by 2023.  

CO2-reduced transfer options

Sixt said demand for EVs is on the uptick with more travellers opting for greener ride-hailing options. ‘We see a rise in demand for electromobility in the market and are pleased to be able to meet this with our ride service,’ said Melanie Wand, executive director at Sixt ride operations.

‘By integrating a hybrid and fully-electric vehicle range in Sixt ride, we offer our customers a CO2-reduced option for transfers during holidays, on business trips, or in everyday life, thus taking a further step towards a comprehensive, sustainable range in the interests of our customers,’ Wand added.

The company is initially focusing on major hubs in Europe. Cities that offer BEV and hybrid transfer options include Berlin, Munich, Paris, London, Milan, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Stockholm, Zurich, and Istanbul. The rides can be booked online and via the Sixt app, and come in three categories: green, business green, or business green XL.

Sixt serious about EV expansion

Sixt’s latest announcement shows the company is serious about expanding its transfer services to include a more sustainable alternative. It wants to make the offer attractive to customers and, as part of the launch, will hand out a €10 discount to passengers. The company said this offer, available until the end of November, will give individuals an opportunity to ‘reduce CO2 emissions while also saving money.’

A third of Sixt’s car-sharing fleet consists of EVs. The company offers customers a worldwide network of taxi, limousine and ride services. Sixt is also investing in autonomous vehicles. It recently paired up with Intel subsidiary Mobileye and is planning to launch 25 robotaxis in a pilot project in Munich next year.

The company is benefitting from high demand in Europe and particularly in the US, where it has forged ahead with its internationalisation strategy. However, Sixt has not been immune to the supply shortages currently plaguing the automotive industry.

’Due to the volatile market environment, it is currently difficult to predict how demand will develop in the future. In addition, there is still great uncertainty regarding the extent and duration of the supply bottlenecks at vehicle manufacturers, caused by the semiconductor shortage, and the resulting impact on vehicle availability as well as market price developments in the industry for the months to come,’ the company said when presenting its third-quarter results this month.