VW to invest in Chinese EV production as it looks to meet quota regulations
BMW loses appeal in Swiss blocking case as it looks to make cobalt supply more transparent
Volkswagen offices raided over payments to works council chief as EV investment may grow
Sixt sees profits drop in Q3 as residual values hit and online business grows
PSA plan for Opel sees discussions with dealers and workforce while CEO Tavares defends Vauxhall
Manufacturers come together to back a hydrogen automotive future
Electrification and a quicker move to shared platforms for Opel as PSA outlines plans
VW ordered to appoint independent auditor over Dieselgate as it goes slow on ‘fixes’
Fleets should learn how to implement ‘demand prediction’ in new car2go white paper
German automotive data platform promises to ensure security and access for all industry sectors
Volkswagen loses top dealer satisfaction spots as profits leap in Q3
Tesla posts Q3 losses as Model 3 production targets slip further
Manufacturer joint venture aims to increase fast charging EV points across Europe
Automotive executives meet UK Prime Minister over Brexit concerns
Toyota believes hydrogen could reach sale price parity with hybrid by 2025
Global rental market expected to grow over the next ten years
PSA posts impressive Q3 results with Opel inclusion for first time
Audi and Kia launch online portals for sales and consumer interaction in Germany
Nissan recalls 1.2 million Japanese vehicles in improper inspection crisis
Falsified quality data from steel supplier could lead to automotive safety recalls