China’s EV maker XPeng opens stores in Sweden and the Netherlands

16 February 2022

China-based XPeng, the maker behind smart electrically-chargeable vehicles (EVs), is on an expansion course in Europe, this time targeting the Swedish and Dutch markets. The brand, known for its electric sedans and sport-utility vehicles, is already shipping its EVs to Norway. Now, the business has opened its first retail store in Sweden – the first to hit the international market. Another store will open near The Hague in March.

The Chinese OEM plans to expand its European presence by setting up self-operated stores, while also betting on the retail and service network of its local agency partners. It hopes this approach will optimise its capabilities in the areas of digitalisation, product features, quality control, and operational efficiency.


The European automotive industry is seeing a rising number of EV makers enter the scene, many from Asia. VinFast, Nio, and Aiways are just a few of the new entrants competing with traditional OEMs. XPeng, one of China’s largest EV makers, is quickly building a name for itself in Europe. The company has inked a deal in Sweden with the country’s largest car dealer, Bilia. The brand will now make its products available through Bilia stores, initially in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

‘Our global journey starts from Europe, propelled by our commitment to increase smart EV penetration,’ said He Xiaopeng, XPeng CEO and former Alibaba executive.  ‘We strongly support the EV-development strategy in Europe and are forging partnerships with top-tier local players to accelerate energy conservation, emission reduction and electrification.’

While the company is also dabbling in urban air mobility and plans to bring a next-generation flying car to the market in 2024, XPeng’s EV plans in Europe are more grounded. The manufacturer has also struck an agreement with Emil Frey in the Netherlands, calling it a major breakthrough for its European expansion.

‘Tremendous potential’

The company said that Emil Frey would develop XPeng’s sales and service network while also managing its stores in the EV-friendly country. The deal marks the first agency-retail collaboration for XPeng in Europe. Emil Frey is a name many consumers are familiar with as the group is one of Europe’s biggest automotive-retail organisations.

The partnership between the two companies will give XPeng greater visibility, providing ‘tremendous potential’ for the carmaker’s retail expansion in the Netherlands and beyond. The agreement offers consistent pricing to customers, both online and offline, while also providing access to Emil Frey’s service and distribution network.

XPeng has been delivering cars to Norway since 2020. It has since made significant progress in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark, where it is building its sales, delivery, and service framework. Its flagship P7 and G3 models are currently available in Norway.

XPeng pitches itself as a maker of smart premium vehicles, having a clear focus on developing smart-car technologies that rely on advanced internet and artificial intelligence. Its cars are packed with tech features, with analysts viewing the manufacturer as a Tesla rival. XPeng develops in-house autonomous-driving technology and in-car intelligent operating systems. At its tech day last year, it revealed a series of innovations, including a sophisticated version of its advanced-driver assistance system (ADAS) and supercharging technology.