Launch Report: Skoda Fabia aimed at broader audience

19 November 2021

Skoda Fabia

The Skoda Fabia is a popular model in the B-segment, and the fourth-generation model takes the design aesthetic closer to other vehicles in the class.

At 4.11-metres long, the new Fabia is the biggest car in its segment. This means a lot of legroom for passengers in the rear and a generous amount of headroom. Practicality is also good, served by a 380-litre boot which is on par with the Volkswagen (VW) Golf. Skoda’s ‘simply clever’ line of storage solutions also helps, including a location for umbrellas and storage compartments to serve the rear seats.

The interior features a modern cockpit with optional digital interfaces and few buttons. Younger audiences may be attracted to the Colour Edition, which gets two-tone body paint, providing a different colour roof and door-mirror caps, as well as rear privacy glass. It also gets an 8-inch colour touchscreen, Bolero Stereo SmartLink+ and a virtual cockpit.

Skoda’s new Fabia comes with a large offering of petrol engines, from 65hp to 110hp. The carmaker is also planning to launch a sporty 150hp version. Conversely to its rivals, the new model does not come with a diesel option. However, given the current demonisation of the technology and the low sales in new-vehicle markets, coupled with the Fabia’s position in the urban segment, this is not a handicap.

While the lack of a diesel model may seem to harm the new line-up’s efficiency ratings, Skoda has designed the Fabia to compensate. All petrol engines have been optimised in terms of consumption, while the air resistance (Cx) measurement of 0.28 is the best in its class, thanks to a detailed body design and closable slatted grill.

Skoda Fabia

The Fabia’s estate version is prevalent in the segment. However, Skoda will not be releasing the fourth-generation model in this style until later. Until then, the third-generation estate will continue to be built. The sought-after Monte Carlo trim is also pending, but this traditionally has a very high uptake. Skoda is also offering the new model with comparably inexpensive options and packs, which should help to peak consumer interest.

Sales of the Fabia have been popular amongst older generations of customers in the past, highlighting the brand’s ‘value for money’ offerings. However, Skoda does need to attract younger customers, and the new version will help. Given its appealing appearance, good equipment level and competitive pricing, it has a good chance of doing this.

View the Autovista Group dashboard, which benchmarks the Skoda Fabia in Austria, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, for more details. The interactive launch report presents new prices, forecast residual values (RVs) and SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis.