PowerGo and Spirii combine to build fast-charging EV network in Europe

18 February 2022

Dutch green energy provider PowerGo has joined forces with international charging platform Spirii to roll out a large fast-charging network across Europe. The two companies plan to build 15,000 chargers over the next two years – 8,000 of which will be high-power units ranging from 150kW to 350kW.

The focus is on expanding European charging infrastructure, with hopes to make electrically-chargeable vehicle (EV) driving convenient and affordable across borders. The investment will boost both PowerGo and Spirii’s expansion plans.

The companies added that the large-scale roll-out has already kicked off in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Spain, with plans in place to install additional chargers in the UK, France and Scandinavia. PowerGo is currently looking for sites to deploy these chargers, focusing on retail, fleet and parking facilities, as well as charging hubs.

Green electricity

PowerGo is part of PowerField, and is promising to deliver green electricity derived from 100% certified solar energy from solar parks. The business has high ambitions and aims to focus on sustainable energy usage as carmakers transition to electromobility.

‘PowerGo aspires to become one of the largest charge point operators in Europe within the next years. Up to date, user-friendly technology is key to our services. In Spirii we found a partner that secures these qualities and makes EV-driving easy and fun,’ said Jean-Louis Bertholet, CEO of PowerField.

The firm will oversee the operation of the chargers. It has partnered with Spirii to make use of the company’s open-charging platform that promises a seamless charging and payment experience for EV drivers. The Spirii app provides access to easy charging, multiple payment options and roaming across Europe.

Based in Denmark, Spirii is known for its EV charging platform that provides services to international customers. Its software and hardware are used by companies, municipalities and housing associations, with the firm putting its focus on user-oriented and intelligently-connected charging solutions.

‘The partnership with PowerGo will provide flexible and affordable charging across Europe with the best user experience for all EV drivers via our Spirii Go app,’ said Tore Harritshøj, CEO of Spirii. ‘This partnership is another huge milestone on our quest to continuously be the market-leading platform for e-mobility.’

Massive market growth

A recent report by EY and Eurelectric estimates that around 130 million EVs will be on European roads by 2035, up from 3.3 million today, highlighting the need for ambitious charging plans. The research suggests Europe will need 65 million EV chargers, nine million public and 56 million residential ones, to cope with the massive growth in the EV market.

The automotive industry keeps urging governments to heavily invest in the grid and build a robust charging infrastructure that allows for reliable and quick charging. With the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation, the EU aims to impose mandatory charging stations for passenger cars every 60km. The association of the German Automotive Industry (VDA) recently warned of a growing gap between the EV market and charging infrastructure.

Meanwhile, carmakers are taking things into their own hands, as they look to boost infrastructure and meet the rising demand for EVs. Last year, car giant Stellantis teamed up with Italian startup TheF Charging to build a European public-charging network. The companies will develop quick-charging points in over 15,000 locations, with two million parking spaces across Europe by 2025.