UK diesel scrappage scheme plan announced
Tax bands under scrutiny as WLTP approaches
Hamburg proposes a diesel ban on certain roads despite lowering NOx levels
ACEA prepares for consumer confusion on WLTP
VW denies claims that Dieselgate fix causes breakdowns
French prosecutors open full PSA emissions investigations
Toll charges to rise for more polluting vehicles, fall for greener ones under new EU proposals
Diesel finds support from BMW at Auto Shanghai
UK diesel scrappage scheme set to be announced
Stuttgart’s diesel driving ban ‘not carved in stone’
Diesel set to lose its dominance in Western Europe
Diplomatic row escalates further as Germany claim found new defeat device in Fiat car
Uber takes on air pollution with tripling of electric Leaf fleet in London
VDIK and VDA react as WLTP is expected to increase vehicles taxes in Germany
DUH sues the KBA over its handling of the emissions scandal as BUND calls for a diesel sales ban
VW launches new e-Golf and plans T-Roc EVs to help meet emissions targets
Daimler faces emissions fraud investigations and challenge over use of the EQ name
ADAC tests reveal many petrol cars also exceed NOx limits
FCA shares fall up to 4% as French prosecutor opens emissions investigation
Audi raided by prosecutors in Germany