Driverama forms alliance with German workshop chain stop+go

23 June 2021

Driverama, the new online platform for buyers and sellers of used cars across Europe, has announced the signing of a partnership agreement with stop+go, one of Germany’s leading automotive workshop chains. This development comes ahead of the digital platform’s launch of its retail car-buying operations in Munich, initially with over 5,000 vehicles in stock.

The alliance will see Driverama open modular ‘store-in-store’ drop-off branches at existing stop+go sites. These facilities will serve as the physical inspection points for vehicles that have been sourced online through Driverama’s website or directly through data-mining.

Customers receive an initial valuation after entering details of their vehicle, such as the model, age, condition, and mileage. They can then make an appointment to deliver their car to a branch, where an inspection is conducted before receiving a final valuation. The first branch is due to open in Düsseldorf in July, before being rolled out to more than 20 stop+go locations by the first half of 2022.

‘Since day one, Driverama has been all about bringing a fairer, more honest way of buying and selling used cars by delivering the very best customer experience underpinned by the most sophisticated and scalable tech platform. This approach aligns with stop+go’s own way of doing business and its longstanding reputation for reliability, trust and professionalism, which is why I am so excited about the strategic alliance we have entered together. It marks another major operational milestone for Driverama and helps to grow our brand presence in Germany, the epicentre of the automotive world,’ said Stan Galik, chairman of the board of Driverama.

International expansion

The retailer’s plans do not stop at the German border, with the company planning to enter the Netherlands in early 2022, then Belgium and Luxembourg. By 2025, it plans to expand the concept to 11 countries across Europe. The international expansion is underpinned by Driverama’s parent company, Aures Holdings, the largest independent used-car retailer in Europe.

It is important to reiterate, however, that Driverama will not be an ‘online-only’ venture. It will start with up to four physical locations this year and increase up to 24 facilities in 2022. The company will also be able to leverage Aures’ network of 45 sites and preparation centres across Europe.

Accelerated digital used-car sales

Driverama has previously referred to the COVID-19 pandemic as an accelerant for digital sales. The company points to forecasts that by 2030, 20% of all cars bought in Europe will be online.

The retailer can also tap into the resilience of Europe’s used-car markets, especially compared to the struggling recovery of new-car demand. Furthermore, this supports residual values across the region, which will boost Driverama’s financial performance.