How are new and used Maserati models performing in Germany?

23 September 2021

Andreas Geilenbruegge, head of valuations and insights at Schwacke (part of Autovista Group), considers the new-car and residual-value performance of Maserati models in the German market.

Like Ferrari, Maserati has always enjoyed a special position within the Fiat group. The German branches of the two sibling brands also set themselves apart from the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) headquarters in Frankfurt with their own location in Wiesbaden. Now the cards have been reshuffled, Maserati must reassert itself in the multi-brand cosmos that is Stellantis, proving its right to exist.

In Germany, unit sales are currently not very promising, but the heritage brand is operating with a rather aged and small model portfolio. The Levante SUV is five years old but its smaller relative, the Grecale, has an end of year release, which is eagerly awaited. If external forecasts are to be believed, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio’s platform sibling should achieve four-digit annual sales right off the bat, more than doubling the brand’s new registrations. However, that was the plan for the Levante, which has quickly fallen back to triple digits since its market entrance in 2016.

‘Maserati’s strength is the timeless appeal of the brand. But automotive technology is not timeless and so a renewal of the model range is long overdue,’ commented Thorsten Barg, managing director of Schwacke.

Respectable residual values

Used, however, the Levante still achieves respectable residual values (RVs). The same applies to the Ghibli, which has been on sale since 2013. Initially quite successful as a diesel, this fuel type no longer plays a role, but with its lavish (optional) equipment it finds more used-car buyers among Maserati fans than its siblings.

Forecast retail values in %, Maserati models with segment-specific optional equipment

Footnote: Data is for September 2021 and represents vehicles aged 36 months and with mileage of 60,000km
Source: Schwacke GmbH

In contrast, there is hardly any demand for the current Quattroporte, which was also introduced in 2013, in either new or used guises. So, the Modena-based company is lacking new models and alternative powertrains. The Grecale should take a step in the right direction, and Maserati’s electrified future will begin with the 800-volt ‘Folgore’ fully-electric drivetrain, which is intended to power all models.

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