How will the new Dacia Jogger Hybrid perform in Romania?

24 July 2023


The newly launched Jogger Hybrid has an important role to play for Dacia. Ulmis Horchidan, chief editor at Eurotax Romania (part of Autovista Group), explores how this hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV) will perform in its home market.

In line with the wider electrification trend of the automotive market, Dacia has rolled out its first HEV. Combining two electric motors and an internal-combustion engine (ICE), the carmaker is expected to make the powertrain available in other models soon.

First glance 

The Jogger is a lot of car at its set price point. Although it is branded as a C-segment MPV, Dacia has successfully carved its own niche segment with the launch of the vehicle. There are very few C-segment competitors capable of offering the same number of features alongside an electrified drivetrain. The Ford Tourneo Connect is one of the few comparable rivals.

Dacia has aimed the Jogger at professionals as well as casual suburban users who require a spacious and modern vehicle, that is also extremely versatile. The interior space is generous for the class and all versions are offered with five or seven seats, covering various customer needs.

The materials used internally are of mixed quality. Those placed in regularly accessible locations are quite good for the price level. Meanwhile, the plastic elements in harder-to-reach areas sport a rougher texture. 

Ride and powertrain

Dacia markets the Jogger with two drivetrain options, ICE and HEV. Priced at €19,200 in Romania, the one-litre Expression model is powered by a 110hp petrol engine. For those looking to upgrade, the high-tech hybrid version costs €24,250, with a powertrain capable of delivering 140hp.

The HEV option comes as a pleasant surprise. Considering this is Dacia’s first hybrid offering, the vehicle gets top marks. The smooth, seamless integration between the engine and the electric drivetrain makes each trip a pleasant affair.

While the HEV’s price tag is larger, additional influences make the electrified version more attractive. First, there is a purchase incentive applicable in Romania, as well as a lower rate of taxation, which helps compensate for the cost. Secondly, consumers also benefit from a more powerful drivetrain and an automatic transmission.

Driving the Dacia Jogger Hyrbid is a relaxing experience. Seat comfortability falls in line with the C-segment and the ergonomics are driver-friendly, with easily accessible features and intuitive positioning. Ride comfort was good under test conditions, with the car absorbing small bumps beautifully.

The Jogger Hybrid’s automatic transmission features a ‘B mode’ which boosts regenerative breaking while also increasing engine stopping power. This means greater energy recovery, as well as enhanced driver comfort in urban areas as the brake pedal can be used less.

Market expectations and RVs

The Jogger looks to satisfy various market needs. This includes replacing three discontinued Dacia models: the Logan MCV, the Dokker and the Lodgy. There are, therefore, high expectations in Romania for the new Jogger.

The model is off to a good start. Since the conventional model’s launch in Romania in July 2022, Dacia has sold around 5,000 Jogger units, and the new-car registrations are increasing steadily. In the first six months of 2023, the Jogger placed third in the country’s sales hierarchy for C-segment vehicles.

Using market data from May to analyse six-month-old Joggers, specifically the 110hp ICE version, the residual value (RV) expressed as a retained percentage of list price (%RV), stood at 92% in Romania. Although a full year of sales is needed to get a clearer picture, the model’s RVs are certainly off to a strong start. Additionally, climbing new-car prices will only cement their position.

The HEV version can be expected to follow the same value retention trend as its ICE sibling. But, in terms of percentages, it will likely sit lower than the ICE model because of a consistently larger price tag.

What can a five-seat Dacia Jogger be expected to retain in Romania after 48 months and 120,000km? A realistic forecast trade scenario for the Jogger Hybrid 140 Expression sits at 50%, while the petrol-powered Jogger TCe 110 Expression is marginally higher at 54.5%.