Toyota outlines plans for electrification of all models during the next decade
Schaeffler acquires electric motor company to future-proof business
Toyota and Panasonic to develop EV battery technology in push to meet market demands
Hyundai maintains warranty is not available to customers of German independent dealers
Volkswagen to reorganise compliance system as it moves away from diesel scandal
British and French car firms look to beat German manufacturers to EV sales
BMW denies falsifying emission claims with defeat devices following testing
Ford plans electric push in China as it aims to fight back on future mobility
PSA looking for partial refund of Opel payment to GM over emission efficiency
FCA in talks with Hyundai on technical cooperation as spinoff plans discussed
Nissan offers €500 return guarantee in the event of diesel driving bans
Continental considering European move for solid state EV battery development
Porsche details its electric vehicle plans with belief that EU CO2 targets can be met
Seat belt and airbag suppliers fined following investigation in latest EU cartel probe
UK production falls for domestic market as large export numbers add to Brexit concerns
Hyundai plans electrification of European fleet while looking to a hydrogen future
VW to reorganise production facilities for its EV push
Volvo announces deal with Uber to supply autonomous vehicles for sharing services
BMW considering electric SUV as manufacturers invest in future mobility
Tesla Semi and new Roadster model launched as company aims to bounce back from poor Q3 results