VW chief executive investigated as group refuses to publish dieselgate report
Aftermarket calls for open data sharing to prevent monopolisation of industry
Toyoda’s impending ‘sense of crisis’, fears age-old ‘Toyota Way’ unsuitable for upcoming auto revolution
OEMs look to data monetisation as loopholes close
BMW and MINI introduce free tyre Insurance for 36 months
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Citroën new EV options to launch in 2020 as PSA announce nuTonomy autonomous tests
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SUV drive helps SEAT as larger vehicles dominate market
Nissan set to launch Leaf this year, new long range EV in 2020
DriveNow users pass the milestone of 1.4 million electric trips
UK fleet interest in petrol, hybrids grows as industry predicts diesel decline
Nissan-Mitsubishi merger unlikely to happen as new factory opens
Tesla to take risks as competition closes in on EV market
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Volkswagen wins its first Dieselgate appeal case in Spain
MG announces plans to return to European market
Dacia stand-alone approach fails in Germany
UK watchdog to probe booming car finance market over fears of irresponsible lending
New global fleet platform to improve driver safety performance