UK interest in electric cars stays high despite charging-infrastructure grant removal
Ukraine war set to increase used-car prices in Eastern Europe
This week’s automotive headlines – 26 March 2022
battery raw materials
VW forms joint ventures in Asia to secure supply of battery raw materials
Germany backs end of internal-combustion engine cars
Japan earthquake disrupts automotive production
Boost German EV-charging infrastructure with €5 billion, demands VDA
UK car market Europe’s pioneer for electric-car adoption
Mercedes-Benz €2 billion assets under threat in Russia
ukraine flag
More carmakers pull out of Russia as vehicle production halts
war in Ukraine
Ukraine/Russia poses major risk for automotive supply chains
Car production and sales disrupted as invasion of Ukraine continues
European Car of the Year
Kia EV6 wins European Car of the Year 2022
Automotive industry grapples with disruption in Ukraine crisis
electric cars europe
Launch of European Battery Academy to upskill EV workers
Russia’s Ukraine invasion forces more change to automotive production
How could Russia’s invasion of Ukraine impact the European automotive industry?
Expect greater car manufacturer cooperation between Africa and Europe
January EU new-car registrations hit ‘new historic low’
UK consumer car-finance market bounces back in 2021