ALD Automotive acquires Spain’s BBVA Autorenting
Europcar Group signs agreement to acquire Buchbinder
Test bed proposed for Swedish electric car technology
Daimler begins work on new gigafactory to build EU supply chain
Merkel warns Germany must invest in EVs, highlights 1,000km range of latest cells
Road safety on agenda with vehicle technology developments
Nissan to broaden its EV strategy
EV TCO forecast to meet petrol parity by next year
Japan Inc gears up for the 2020 commercial production of hydrogen cars
Wireless charging a step closer to relieving EV range anxiety
New survey points to way to solve Belgium’s mobility budget crisis
France, Germany lead UK in auto automation, Netherlands most ready for industry disruption
Mixed feelings on diesel as car hire remains steady while drivers look to switch
Battery technology breakthrough could herald five-minute, 300-mile charging from 2020
Delphi joins BMW partnership to push forward autonomous vehicle technology
Group calls for standardised AFR on fleet-based electric vehicles
Market upheaval incoming as third now prepared to forgo car ownership in favour of services
Android Auto platform grows in partnership with Volvo
Global cyber-attack raises questions about connected car security
Autonomous race heats up as Uber’s main rivals Lyft and Waymo announce self-driving alliance