Vehicle Manufacturers

Manufacturers come together to back a hydrogen automotive future
Electrification and a quicker move to shared platforms for Opel as PSA outlines plans
VW ordered to appoint independent auditor over Dieselgate as it goes slow on ‘fixes’
Volkswagen loses top dealer satisfaction spots as profits leap in Q3
Manufacturer joint venture aims to increase fast charging EV points across Europe
Automotive executives meet UK Prime Minister over Brexit concerns
Toyota believes hydrogen could reach sale price parity with hybrid by 2025
Nissan recalls 1.2 million Japanese vehicles in improper inspection crisis
Daimler to restructure automotive business as it issues airbag recall
Job losses at Ellesmere Port as PSA starts to shore up Opel’s finances
VW fails to secure long-term cobalt supply for electric vehicle push
Volkswagen seeks to introduce new dealer contracts by the end of Q1 2018
Renault announces new ‘Drive the Future’ strategy as PSA elaborates on its EV plans
VW could move Skoda production in bid to halt inter-brand competition
Volvo tests LPG truck system as market gears up for cleaner future
Nissan plans ‘free’ charging for Leaf customers at European launch of new model
Marchionne confirms plans to spin off FCA parts division in 2018
Tesla Model 3 production lower than projected as ‘bottlenecks’ slow manufacturing
Opel may share engines with PSA Group in cost-cutting measures
Toyota creates performance range for current models including hybrids