Electric Vehicles

Toyota plans mass EV production in China from 2019 and solid-state battery technology from 2022
Electric vehicle charging stations outnumber petrol stations in Denmark
China NEV sales to quadruple in three years as it rides the 48-volt EV revolution
Volvo deepens ties with Lynk, Geely to prepare for its 2019 electric future
Electric Mini could be built in UK despite Brexit concerns
BorgWarner acquisition highlights parts market shift to EV technology
VW adds to EV plans while Dacia moves into market
UK to invest in bi-directional EV charging as more service training is needed
Toyota figures highlight uptake of hybrid technology in UK
Volvo sets 2019 as ‘the end of the solely combustion engine-powered car’
EV market boost as Tesla begins production and Italy invests in charging
Revolt over move to EV production as Daimler looks to build future
Siemens latest German giant to rally behind ChargePoint as EU looks to mandate EV charging in larger buildings
Brand recognition vital in EV market as manufacturers vie for position
Panasonic looking to boost EV range with solar cells on car roofs
UK Government announces bill to focus on development of autonomous and electric technology
Tesla points to opening up its Supercharger network to other carmakers
VW to launch electric minivan as part of its planned EV range
Swedish study calls for smaller EV batteries, finds Tesla more polluting than an 8-year-old car
Norway is a leader in EV sales but has subsidised itself into a corner