Electric Vehicles

JLR and UK government announce national EV battery hub plans
Solar-powered charging station opened by Honda in Germany
Nissan in talks to sell its EV battery manufacturing business
EQ range takes shape as Daimler’s EV offensive begins
Test bed proposed for Swedish electric car technology
Daimler begins work on new gigafactory to build EU supply chain
Merkel warns Germany must invest in EVs, highlights 1,000km range of latest cells
Nissan to broaden its EV strategy
EV TCO forecast to meet petrol parity by next year
Battery technology breakthrough could herald five-minute, 300-mile charging from 2020
Electric supermini cars to hit petrol price parity by 2020, robo-taxis will not slow auto demand, says Renault
BMW Group and Hamburg join forces to provide city-wide electro-mobility
Electric cars will remain a money sink for OEMs until 2025, says Continental
Volvo’s EV plans focus on plug-in hybrid technology but a fully electric car is planned for 2019
ChargePoint and InstaVolt bring rapid charging to UK
TfL announces major expansion of London’s rapid charging points to support rising demand
Chargie domestic chargepoint booking service prepares for launch in the UK
VW to triple EV engine budget to €9bn as analysts warn of ‘structural threat to German industry’
European Commission approves BMW, Daimler, Ford and Porsche fast-charging network JV
China to loosen JV restrictions as targets one-fifth of car sales to be NEVs by 2025